Women in Prisons are often Women in Shadow

We demand the truth about Nadya Tolokonnikova!

We demand the truth about Nadya Tolokonnikova!


Nadya Tolokonnikova is gone.

On October 21, the jailed Pussy Riot member was taken from her prison colony in Mordovia for protesting the jail’s “slave-like” conditions by Russian authorities. While en route to a new prison, the 23-year-old disappeared — and Nadya’s family still has no proof she’s even alive.

At best, Nadya has been cut off from the outside world, the only legal way Putin has left to torture Pussy Riot and their families. At best, Nadya is mutilated or dead — and the least we’re willing to demand is answers.

Don’t let Nadya become another one of Vladimir Putin’s victims. If she’s still alive, raising our voices will help keep her that way, forcing him to reveal her whereabouts and comfort her loved ones. Don’t wait — write Putin’s government today!

PETITION TO VLADIMIR PUTIN: Tell us the truth about what’s happened to Nadya Tolokonnikova, and let her family know where she is and if she’s alright.



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