Women in Prisons are often Women in Shadow

Human Trafficking: A Crime Hard to Track Proves Harder to Fight

Human Trafficking: A Crime Hard to Track Proves Harder to Fight


Oksana was promised a good job with good pay when she came to the United States from Ukraine. But when she arrived in Philadelphia to meet her new boss, things were not as she expected.

“About time you arrive, bitch,” was the first thing he said to her, she says.

“The deal was, I come here, I work for three years, and I pay him off with my work. I pay off my debt, and then I would be on my own,” Oksana said. “That was my understanding.”

What she eventually learned was that she had been swept up in a human trafficking organization that according to the FBI, “smuggled young Ukrainian migrants into the United States and forced them to work for … little or no pay.”

But that was hardly the worst of it. As is often the case with human trafficking, her boss had also been beating and sexually assaulting the women she’d be working with — including her own sister-in-law.

“I was terrified,” Oksana recalls in the below scene from the recent FRONTLINE investigation, Rape on the Night Shift.

With human trafficking now generating an estimated $150 billion each year in illegal profits, according to United Nations data, the trafficking in persons has become one of the fastest growing criminal industries worldwide.

“Trafficking in persons is an insult to human dignity and an assault on freedom,” said Secretary of State John Kerry in the State Department’s 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report, which was released Monday. In the annual report, Kerry called trafficking “modern slavery,” and linked the problem to everything from extreme poverty and discrimination against women, to government corruption and the reach of transnational organized crime. … http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/immigration-2/rape-on-the-night-shift/what-is-human-trafficking-and-why-is-it-so-hard-to-combat/


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