Women in Prisons are often Women in Shadow

Sandra Bland: Jail intake forms present inconsistencies, state previous suicide attempt – TomoNews


Veröffentlicht am 24.07.2015

WALLER COUNTY, TEXAS — Documents released by the Waller County Sheriff’s department have revealed that Sandra Bland had previously tried to commit suicide, but troubling inconsistencies mean the forms raise more questions as they answer.

A suicide assessment form from the Waller County jail, printed at 8.15pm on July 10th, the day Bland was arrested, reveal that Bland had previously attempted suicide in 2015 with pills after losing a baby. However, they state she had no history of depression nor did she feel depressed at the time.

However a suicide, medical, and mental impairment screening form filled out by hand at 5:32pm earlier that day records Bland as not only being depressed, but having suffered from depression in the past.

It also disputes 2015 as the year of Bland’s suicide attempt. The handwritten date of Bland’s suicide attempt is unclear, with a four and five having been…

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