Women in Prisons are often Women in Shadow

Prison Inmate Penpal F.A.Q (Write Inmate Pen pals)

Prison Inmate Penpal F.A.Q (Write Inmate Pen pals).


FAQ 1 – What is Prison Inmate Penpal?

Prison Inmate Penpal is a part of the Inmate Outreach Program of St. Michael Outreach Ministries. Prison Inmate Penpal lists a brief inmate biography and contact information by subscription as provided by the inmate. We also display inmate art, inmate poetry and other written works submitted by our inmate members.

These inmate profile listings assist the general public (must be 18 years or older to contact any inmate) in locating an inmate who he/she wishes to communicate with by mail on a personal level. All inmates listed on Prison Inmate Pen Pal have chosen to receive and welcome the communications from pen-pals from the general public.

It is our goal that the relationship between the inmate pen-pal and the public pen-pal be positive, compassionate, supportive and constructive. Helping the inmate through the development of compassionate supportive relationships. This can enable the inmate to obtain a greater benefit from their rehabilitation so they may return to society as positive, productive members of society reducing the chance for them to become a repeat offender.

Before you contact any inmate listed on Prison Inmate Pen Pal please read this first. ….

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